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8 ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

  1. Clean the grout with a proper grout cleaner and the secret is a grout brush!!

  2. Clean the tiles properly with a product made specially to remove all soap scum and build up of residue regular bathroom cleaning products....

  3. Install a beautiful new mirror cabinet..... this will help to clean away all the clutter and nick knacks.... you can buy a 600mm-900mm mirror cabinet for $300-$600... try Fienza or Timberline.

  4. Tap-ware..... So, I now consider tap-ware a styling product and something that can be changed out every 5 years of so... no longer to be thought of as the life of the bathroom itself.... ABI interiors... yes check them out!

  5. The Vanity..... yes the vanity.... OK, can you afford to replace it? you can buy wonderful pre made designs from Timberline, which are customisable for under $900, in a variety of high quality timber grain Laminex finishes with moulded ceramic tops...

  6. If you cannot afford to install a new vanity... Paint it! change the handles! Dulux now have wonderful Laminex paints.... This is not a long term option.... but I suggest if you follow the instructions.... take your time... you could give yourself 2 years to save to have a new bathroom vanity installed!

  7. Glass shower screen... time to get the glass guy in.... or see if Highgrove have a pre made screen to suite.... new glass, hopefully frameless with new tap-ware and clean tiles will be a super improvement.

  8. Plants!! yes if you love plants and want to look after some in the bathroom... have a couple on rotation, and keep the leaves fresh, clean and with lustre....

So my friends... those are my little tips to help the appeal of your old bathroom.....

Until you call me to help you build your new bathroom design!

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