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How do I Find a Tiler in Cairns?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

So, You want to renovate your bathroom, or build that ensuite extension?? You have some extra money because our flights & trips keep on getting cancelled... due to "you know what"!!

Hmmm, 2021 has turned out to be a tough year for securing a tradesman... and tilers in Cairns seem to be the rarest of trades!!

But fear not. Sometimes you just need to find someone "close" to the tradesman... and that someone is "Me".

Not only can I book the best tradesmen in town, I can design and plan your bathroom, create the tiling layouts, source and order all bathroom products, "at trade pricing!!" and then go on to project manage the job right through to the final styling of hand towels and a pot plant...

Thats how you get a tiler in Cairns....

Call Elemental Interiors Cairns today for your free consultation, and let me get started on you tiling dreams. Let me draw your bathroom into life!

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