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Bathrooms, like kitchens, are not a cheap room to renovate. BUT, you can save money by simplifying the project. Top 5 tips.

1. Try to use the existing plumbing locations, (retrofit into the same plumbing outlets). You can swap things around, like switch the vanity and the shower, but use those outlets and drains.

2. Don't move the toilet... especially if you have a slab foundation to have to dig through.

3. Maybe you don't have to remove the old tiles.... Have a qualified tradesman check the quality of the existing tiles, because, YES, you can tile over the old tiles!... sometimes....

4. Buy suitable tiles for the space. Wall tiles of 300x600mm is pretty standard now, and generally 300x600 for the floor or 450x450mm. If bigger than this, the surfaces will need extra preparation to ensure the tiles can site flush and flat. And if too small, like mosaic, well it will cost more to install as its pretty tricky.

5. Everyone loves a fully tiled bathroom, BUT, it's not necessary. Often you can create a modern, luxury look by tiling to the ceiling in the shower recess only!

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